Why Faux Leather Jackets Peel? How To Fix It By 6 Ways!

Introduction :

Why faux leather jackets peel? A common and universal question for who at least use a faux leather jacket in their lives? I have this type of experience and the feeling to use a faux leather jacket.

I had a great and gorgeous brown color faux leather jacket, but unluckily it has started to peel in the cuff, collar, and neck portion. In this article, I will try my best to make a clear conception of this peeling issue.

Faux leather is a synthetic, artificial, or plastic material made from low-class base fabric and polyurethane layer. It is also known as bonded leather, or leatherette, or imitation, or different commercial names. This component is highly responsible for faux leather peeling.

Why Faux Leather Jackets Peel?
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Why faux leather jackets peel?.

Reason 1. Polyurethane is a breakable element that is connected with different chemicals and adhesives. That dries overuse and time, producing peel onto the surface of the faux leather.

Reason 2. When the outermost surface of the leather has been in contact with excessive heat, or water, or extreme cold, or any type of acid.

Reason 3. When the storing process is wrong, that case peeling occurs.

Although faux leather jackets have some peeling issue, but they deserve some benefits also.

Benefits of faux leather jackets :

  • Appearance just like original leather.
  • Very stylish, fashionable, and trendy.
  • Very lucrative, gorgeous, and fantastic look.
  • Perfectly fit for any classes, any ages, any times, and any occasions.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Faux leather jackets are very easy going for any semi-formal and casual outfit.
  • Faux leather jackets are very favorite outfit for pet lovers and animal lovers who do not like to wear real leather jackets made from different animals.

What is peeling?

Faux leather is not genuine leather, and due to this, the faux leather jacket is not 100% full-grain leather. It has a top poly layer to hide the shite below it. This top layer is called pilling. When there is peeling, a woven fabric or microfiber is published.

How to maintain faux leather jackets from peeling?

Faux leather peels because it bears a synthetic layer of PU (polyurethane) to adjust its appearance like genuine leather. With the maturity of synthetic elements, they will chip and wear out because they will become sturdy.

To protect the material from doing it, you may apply a lot of leather moisturizers, leather softeners, leather cleaners, and leather conditioners available in the market. As a result, you can prolong your excellent faux leather jacket from peeling.

how to maintain faux leather jackets from peeling?

How to fix peeling faux leather jacket :

1. Permanent marker and a shoe polish :

This permanent marker process is one of the best options to repair peel. It can perform to hide cracks in your jacket. At first, you are beginning with sandpaper and eliminating excessive peels before using anything on your faux leather jacket.

As a result, your jacket becomes soft and smooth; then, use the same colored marker to shade in the peeling area.
You can also use a shoe polish with this marker for an easy and good-looking outcome.

2. Nail polish :

You can easily buy a cheap clear nail polish and use it above the peeled area. You have to remove the faux leather bits and use this nail polish. After doing this, you may notice that it looks more different in the peeled area. We must say this is not a costly fix.

3. Soft filler :

You can use a soft filler to fix the peeling faux leather jacket. The final result is very fruitful and significant. For this technique, you must be used this filler to the surface of the leather after eroding the peeled area using a blade.

Then you can use any knives, stiff paper, or credit cards to attach filler in the affected area. Be careful and make sure to avoid a healthy part of the jacket. Let the soft filler dry perfectly and naturally.

You can mark the process by applying a single layer of leather paint on the filler for desired finish.

4. Leather patch :

This repair method is very easy and simple. At first, you have to find the same color polyurethane leather patch. After that add it to the peeled area by a skilled or experienced sewing expert for a great result.

5. Leather paint :

Another way to repair faux leather peeling would be to apply leather paint. Begin with removing additional flakes from your jacket, and then apply this paint with a soft brush. When the painting is done on your leather jacket, give at least about an hour of dry time.

6. Moisturizer and conditioner :

This technique is one of the most popular and affordable processes to protect peeling from faux leather. A primary reason behind peeling is dryness. To get better results and remove peeling, use a leather moisturizer and conditioner suitable for your jacket.


Question. Is faux leather jackets last a long?

Answer. No, faux leather is not as long-lasting an item as genuine leather. But it may sustain for 5 to 7 years. The outer surface of the jacket tends to peel and crack as time passes.

Question. Is faux leather jacket cleanable?

Answer. Of course, it is cleanable or washable. You can apply a soft shampoo, or detergent soaked in a smooth and fine cloth and wash it with mild warm water. This cleaning helps the jacket from having daily stains, marks, and glued feel.

Question. How do you moisturize your faux leather jacket?

Answer. There are lots of leather moisturizers available in the market to treat faux leather. You may also apply different oils like lemon oil, coconut oil, and baby oil.

Question. How do you condition your faux leather jacket?

Answer. There are lots of leather conditioners available in the market to treat faux leather. You can apply any of those to make it nice. You can also prepare your own faux leather conditioner from different natural and essential oils.

Question. Can you use vinyl protector to protect faux leather?

Answer. Yes, you can apply a vinyl protector to protect the faux leather. Use this protector finely on the surface of the leather and let it dry. There is no artificial gloss in it.

Question. Can you use PVC moisturizer to preserve faux leather?

Answer. Yes, the PVC moisturizer helps to preserve faux leather. It can keep its gloss and texture well.

Question. What is the storing process of faux leather jacket?

Answer. At first, you have to use a large and sufficient hanger to hang it to save the jacket from crumbling. Then you have to store it in a good container except for plastic because it protects the jacket from breathing therefore resulting in peeling and cracking.

My Guide :

If you don’t take proper care of the faux leather jacket, it Starts drying. In the end, it can be cracked and peeled. To keep faux leather moisturized, you must properly use a perfect cleaner and an effective conditioner.

You also have to record the moisture level around it because the level of moisture that is too low can cause the faux leather to miss its moisture and become fragile.

Conclusion :

The faux leather jacket is a trendy and price-friendly outfit among lots of stylish men and women worldwide. With time and usage, this jacket peels off and approaches a lousy look if not reasonable, and balance is taken care of.

So it needs a lot of extra attention to protect it from peels and cracks.

I think the above-given procedure of fixing peeling faux leather jackets will help you increase the faux leather jacket using time.


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