4 Best Swivel Knives For Leather Work | (Budget Choice)

What Is A Swivel Knife :

The swivel knife has a chiseled blade that is mounted on the pivot. It is held upright, much like a pencil. However, it is between the thumb to the middle finger and the Saddle. The swivel or Saddle is free to rotate and, in a more sophisticated model, can rotate on ball bearings.

There are different types of swivel knives. They are straightforward, comfortable, well-finished, and worthy crafting tools for professional, skilled, and experienced leather artisans as well as for beginners.

1. Tandy Leather Craft Tool Pro Swivel Knife-Small 82009-01 :

Product Feature :

Tandy leather-craft tool pro swivel knife is a very premium, practical, and fantastic swivel knife for everyday use.

This upgrade stainless steel swivel knife is well- designed and unique leathercraft tool for leather crafting.

The ball-bearing swivel creates the contoured yoke turn nicely, making it the right option for the skilled leather craftsman.

3/8 inch (9.5 mm diameter) barrel with a 1/4 inch (6.3 mm width-angle detail blade).

Swivel Knives
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Pros :

  • Excellent and perfect swivel blade.
  • Price friendly.
  • Very well built and comfortable to use.
  • Nice and smooth swivel.
  • The great tool came in great featured.

Cons :

  • Not much to consider.

2. Aiskaer sturdy leather cutting tool deluxe stainless adjustable swivel knife

Product Feature :

Aiskaer deluxe leather cutting swivel knife is made of stainless steel and chrome-plated surfaces, making it more durable.

Straight blades combine high-quality steel with super hardness and corrosion resistance. They are also significantly sharper.

The adjustable rotation bearing changes the tool’s body length.

A small carving tool can be applied flexibly and is suitable in your hand.

This swivel knife length is 3.1inch, and its weight is.11lb.

Swivel Knives
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Pros :

  • Very workable and top class.
  • Price friendly or much cheaper in any local leather craft.
  • Very sharpening tool.
  • Very solid, excellent, and comfortable to use.
  • The swivel is smooth.
  • The adjustable height of the knife is perfect.
  • An essential tool for a leather worker.
  • A super quality and very impressive item.
  • A great choice for the beginners.
  • Works fantastic and does the job neatly it is made for.

Cons :

  • The edges on the finger rest are not rounded and can be a bit sharp.

3. Tandy Deluxe Adjustable Swivel Knife 8002-00 With Extra Angel And Filigree Blades :

Product Feature :

Tandy deluxe adjustable swivel knife is constituted of deluxe swivel knife plus angle and filigree blades.

This swivel knife is an easy and suitable option for leather craftsmen.

Very balanced and well-equipped item.

This is a good deal on a Swivel Knives.

Swivel Knives


  • High quality and friendly features.
  • Very significant and work fast.
  • The blade works flawlessly.
  • Perfect choice for a beginner leather worker.
  • They are straightforward to adjust and comfortable in the hand.
  • Does a great job and is easy enough to sharpen.

Cons :

  • Sometimes blade needs to be sharpened.
  • Like other edged tools, it wasn’t fascinating.


4. Owden Professional Leather Tool, Leather Swivel Knife With 2 Sizes Blade, This Size “S” (handle diameter: 10mm), Adjustable Handle Height. (s)

Product Feature :

Owden professional leather swivel knife is perfect for players with small palms. the size “”s””, handle diameter (10mm).

The handle is made out of brass and phonetically transformed into black. These two blades are made from high-hardened stainless and heat-treated.

Each size of swivel blade comes with a pair of sizes blades as well as a hex key.

The large blade width size is 10 mm for natural carving, and the small blade width size is 8 mm for appropriate detail carving.

The shank is perfect for a 5.5mm diameter for blades end.

The height of the handle can be adjusted.

Swivel Knives
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Pros :

  • It is excellent and wonderful.
  • The fit and finish of this tool makes it great.
  • The quality of manufacturing of the real tool and components are very good.
  • The sturdy and excellent feel item.
  • The perfect option for leather work.
  • Sharpening and polishing will do great.
  • Excellent inexpensive leather crafting tool.
  • Excellent and sharp swivel knife for decorative cuts in leather.
  • A good option for delicate work.
  • The blades came sharp and seemed to be a perfect enough.
  • Cuts perfectly every time and is very comfortable.

Cons :

  • Blade appears to need to be sharpened on purchase, but it is not a con, actually.

Usage Of A Swivel Knife

The Swivel knives are used to outline or draft an exterior line or sketch the design on the leather. The blade island can be adjusted to a maximum of 30deg.

Users can adjust the angle of each side to control the depth of incised lines. To facilitate gentle movements through the Cased Leather’s surface, polish the mirror. Some instruction manuals on leather engraving provide detailed honing or sharpening instructions.

Usage Of A Swivel Knife
Usage Of A Swivel Knife

The blade should be held perpendicularly to the action. However, the cutting edge will be located at a small corner of the leather with a clear leading edge. 

The blade is pulled toward the user with the fingers resting in the knurled bars rotating it on the desired track. The incised line can be cut so other hands can do the constant and rotating work. It is possible to create very tight curves.

Swivel Knives In the Early American West

At the beginning of West America, many of the designs of “tools” on saddles, saddlebags (“Cantinas”, many with holster pistols under Tooled lid), and early “California” pattern revolver belt holsters were decorated exclusively with designs made with the swivel knives.

Necessity Of A Swivel Knife :

A perfect and workable swivel knife is an important tool for leather carving; rotating blades allow making curves and details with a choice that is effective for beginners and sophisticated leather carvers and the opportunity to add trim and various shaped edges finer details.

How To Keep Sharp A Swivel Knife :

Take care of your swivel knife; stay sharp with a specially designed jeweler’s rough and swivel knife strop.


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