The 8 Best Things About Patent Leather

Patent leather is a type of layered or coated leather that has a high gloss finish or texture. The coating method was proposed to the United States and was enhanced by the inventor of Seth Boyden, from Newark, New Jersey, in 1818, with commercial first creation from September 20, 1819. Boyden’s method applied a lacquer layer that was founded on linseed oil. Generally, modern patent leather has an artificial or plastic layer.

What is patent leather or shiny leather :

Patent leather is a glossy and natural, grain-free, glossy-finished finish or overlaid with glossy and a mirror-smooth film over the leather’s surface. At present, you can see lots of high gloss leather products in the market and the fashion industry. In the cheap price range, most leather products are made of patent or artificial high gloss leather.

Patent Leather
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Coating of patent leather :

Generally, the coating or layer on recent patent leather is polyurethane or acrylic, or plastic coating. It may be crystal clear, giving an extremely glossy finish, and they remain soft and supple when dry. Pigments may also be combined with resin layers to create the color.

Furthermore, additives can be added to the coating to increase the anticipated outcome factors such as scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, etc.

patent leather

What is crinkled patent leather :

That is also another type of patent leather, where the leather surface has been crinkled and wrinkled. The result is the same as that of embossed leather. The wrinkles or creases are fixed.

Usage of patent leather :

At present, patent leathers are used in many types of stylish, fashionable, and commercial products. The most common uses include belts, bags, backpacks, wallets, clutches, purses, boots, formal shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, jackets, pants, costumes, caps, gloves , outerwear, and different private accessories.

How patent leather is prepared :

Patent leather is typically produced during the final phase of production. Because what makes patent leather is its final surface, it can be accomplished using a variety of elements and a variety of techniques. Through all processes, the made leather is soft, flexible durable, durable, and waterproof.

Features of patent leather :

  • Very shiny, glossy, attractive appearance
  • Highly appropriate for daily use
  • Also wear on different functional, occasional and cultural activities
  • Damage percentage is very low
  • Available in gloss surface and matte surface

Care and treatment of a patent leather :

How to clean and condition a patent leather :-

Patent leather is properly cleaned with a clean, soft, damp microfiber cloth. Care and treat must be taken with lightly colored patent leather because the leather absorbs the color pigment and cannot be cleaned again. Because of the specific coating of protection and leather used in the patent, the surface could become uncoupled when the product made of patent leather is stored incorrectly. The surface is separated with the help of an appropriate leather cleaner. Oil and oil shouldn’t be utilized.

The glossy upper coating can be maintained through polishing using an even clean cloth.

Patent leather has a special and superb surface finish; it doesn’t require to be conditioned. And functionally, it actually can’t. The surface finish saves the product below that is generally artificial or plastic. It also functions as a prevented that the conditioner cannot penetrate.

If the coating begins to split or break the surface coating, additional protectors or conditioners may be employed to aid in repairing it.

Patent Leather
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Keep attention :-

Be sure to read the instructions of these conditioners or protectors on each surface finish that you think to apply.

In these circumstances, at first, test on a small area before applying to the whole product.


Question. Is patent leather water-resistant?

Answer. Of course, patent leather is water-resistant, even waterproof also. Because it is made by using an artificial or plastic coating to the fundamental material, thus it is very much water-resistant.

Question. Will you wear patent leather in the rain?

Answer. Yes, you can wear patent leather even in the rain since patent leather is waterproof, even waterproof in a few instances, allowing it to be worn during rain without difficulty. That is one of the major advantages of the product, which makes it exceptional in all weather conditions and the most efficient seasons like autumn, winter, spring, summer, and winter.

Question. Is patent leather real leather?

Answer. The majority of patent leather isn’t really real leather. In the past, it was created by putting layers of oil on the top of real leather. Modern patent leathers are essentially coated with plastic. They are placed on top of plastic parts, making them an imitation of leather.

Question. Is patent leather costly leather?

Answer. Generally, Patent leather is cheaper than genuine leather. Because an artificial or plastic layer above the plastic leather base can be manufactured much at a very low price. As a result, patent leather items are not costly items at all.

Question. Is patent leather scuffs spontaneously?

Answer. Yes, patent leather scuffs very spontaneously because it has a shiny, soft, flexible surface, very much susceptible to scratching and scuffing.

Question. How do you maintain patent leather products from scuffing?

Answer. Due to its shine and gloss finish, Patent leather is vulnerable to scratches. While it is not a solution (only from everyday rough wear), it is possible to clean it by using a soft, clean cloth or applying a nail polish removal product when needed. It is usually a simple method to repair damaged leather patent products.

Question. How to fix or repair a scratch on patent leather?

Answer. Fixing or Repairing a scratch on a patent leather part is as simple as applying a leather fix kit. Because the item is a plastic blend, it will need the replacement of scratched items and softening or gentling the glossy surface to a shine to match the item around it.

Usually, leather fix or repair kits have color-matched fluid that is matched poured into the gap. It may need to be equalized by heat pressing and a seed design used and allowed to dry, and finally, the scratch has to be filled.

Question. How to preserve or store patent leather?

Answer. Patent leather must be preserved stored in a cool and dry place. Keep away it from direct sunlight. That is the main point for storing issues because the sun can break or discolor the preventive finish.

If you have patent leather outfits or accessories, keep them in the closet or drawer act properly. Keeping them away from excessive heat and sunlight is basic.

Patent Leather
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