What Is A Leather Family? In The World.

History of Leather Family’s :

  •  First found  in USA, UK, Canada ,and Scotland in around 1840 and 1920.
  •  In UK most leather families were found in 1891.
  •  Probably two leather families found in Maryland in 1840.
  •  In 1840 Maryland was the largest population of leather families.

A leather Family is those who have been connected and tied through the lifestyle of the leathers and have chosen to join together as a family. Generally a leather family has structures and protocols in place and rituals. The only and main way to be part of the family is with an invitation.

Every leathers family is different. Most of them are not closed with physically or romantically with family members, if not they are part of the family. This is a exactly master or slave association in connection with all family members.

What Is A Leather Family
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Structure of A Leather Family :

A Leather family’s has a small community of people who participate in the culture of the leather. That bonds often become like a family of birth.

A leather family’s often has a “family’s head”, or “family’s leader”  and a type  of hierarchy between family’s member. The leather family’s provides alternative formation and sociology-economic models.

Belongs A Identity :

“Leather family” is used in few various ways in leather scenes, but always represents a group of individuals who search several common goals and want to assign several forms of shared identity.

The Construction and upbringing of “The leathers family” is a very ordinary way to mute such a household. Someone who is part of our family is said to be a member, in our case ” a leather family”.

Leather Family Identity
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Make A Particular And Different Community :

A leathers family or a group of people related with leather holds a prominent and exact place in a larger leathers community. That organizes cultural and educational activities and serves as the host for their local life chapter about a troop or organization and activities. Having a general family identity is comfortable and confirms, in a way similar to many groups, and family names fix a number.


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