How to disinfect leather shoes for coronavirus prevention

How to disinfect leather shoes for coronavirus prevention, we all know Covid-19 is transmitted through direct contact with the respiratory droplets of infected people (through coughing and sneezing), and touching the surface contaminated with viruses. But we also know that viruses and bacteria can stick to shoes and remain transmitted there for several hours or days too.

Because someone can risk carrying a virus home through footwear too, it is recommended to leave your shoes from home. But how can we disinfect our fantastic leather shoes?

Why disinfection is needed :

Cleanliness is a major factor when it comes to fighting the spread of the virus. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your awesome shoes disinfected.

Most times, we are all used to spraying fast obstacles on a pair of trainers or sneakers, but this is not an option when trying to clean original leather shoes and your costly shoes. It needs to be held carefully and because it’s not just about cleaning shoes. Disinfectants kill germs and bacteria with the help of worthy chemicals or cleansers.

While casual shoes and sandals are easy to clean, expensive shoes can be complicated to clean. For designer shoes, using the disinfectant spray is not an option.

We already know that many of the needs can be cleaned using hot soapy water but maintaining genuine leather footwear is a completely different job. If you want to clean and disinfect leather shoes at home, follow these simple methods step by step. Make sure you start wearing disposable or clean gloves.

How to disinfect leather shoes for coronavirus prevention :

How to disinfect leather shoes for coronavirus prevention

Do the right cleaning

Always remember to clean your shoes before disinfecting them. Get rid of dirt and filth out of the soles and sides of the shoe. You can use a brush or tissue to clean this.

Try disinfecting spray or aerosol

You can use a disinfectant spray or aerosol made for your shoes. It has a lower content of disinfectant chemicals like acetone and bleach, which can tarnish and damage the leather. The perfect is to apply an aerosol spray to cover the shoes properly.

Let them dry

After applying a disinfectant, you can let your shoes dry at room temperature. Keep away from the sun and wait until it is dry before use.

How to properly clean leather shoes and suede

If you have leather shoes and suede, then you can clean it using the Suede eraser. They can be used in eliminating all types of dust, dirt, or dry stains on Suedes. these are formulated specifically for this particular type of leather. You can also use leather cleansers for the same thing.

Don’t let them wet

Wet shoes are more susceptible to bacteria. So, if your shoes are wet, it’s essential to dry the shoes correctly to make sure you don’t damage or let germs penetrate. The suitable choice here is to let your shoes dry naturally. You can also use stuffing shores with tissue paper and newspapers to remove extra moisture. If you use a newspaper, be careful and avoid paper with dark ink or images, because it can rust shoes.

Keep attention

Finally, don’t forget to wear gloves when handling potentially contaminated objects, including when disinfecting leather shoes. After disinfecting your footwear, instantly throw disposable gloves away. the reused gloves can be kept in a particular and different laundry basket.

Remember to avoid using your favorite leather shoes to a place that you think can be contaminated until you can clean them professionally and disinfected them.

How to clean leather furniture :

Leather furniture can be properly cleaned and maintained using simple household items.First, use a smooth fabric to clean the surface. Combine vinegar and water solution 50/50 in a bowl and use a microfiber fabric to apply it to your furniture. Rub the leather in a circular motion to lift dirt from natural fibers. Return your fabric into a frequent bowl, squeeze and rewet it. You will see because dirt is lifted from the leather and left in a bowl. If necessary, change your cleaning solution because it’s too dirty. Don’t completely soak the leather, Just use a moist cloth to loosen dirt and remove it.

 suggestion: Before cleaning all items, test solutions in an area that is not striking to ensure it does not harm or discolor or blacken the leather.

How to clean leather furniture

How to condition leather furniture :

leather, same your own skin, requires to be conditioned and moisturized from time to time. You can make simple and cheap leather conditioners that use natural baby soap, vinegar, and water. Mix 2 cups of warm water, one tablespoon of natural baby soap, and vinegar splash in a bowl. Use a microfiber fabric to rub a mixture of conditioning into the leather, make sure not to soak the area. Wet the skin and leave the conditioner on the leather product. Baby soap contains soft and natural oils that will help clean and condition your leather.

You can also condition the leather with a mixture of one section of vinegar and two parts of flax seed oil. Pour the solution into the jar with a lid, shake it well, and apply it to the leather using a soft, clean fabric. Works in a circular motion, covering the whole surface. Rub carefully, let sit for about 10 to 12 minutes, then buff with a soft fabric to make a shine to the leather surface. You may need to do a buff once again before sitting on the furniture. Save the remaining solution for future use.

Suggestion: Always keep leather furniture from direct sunlight to prevent drying, fading, and cracking.



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