The First Concept of Eco Leather :

The Eco-leather concept began around 1998 in china. At that time, China was a member of the world trade organization. As a global organization, WTO dealings the trade and trade rules between countries.
China will eventually be accepted in 2001, although they must show the method following the world in the large industry before this. One of these covers the leather.
In preparation, China wants to help show its intention to become a global leader. In 1998, they officially announced the concept of “genuine leather mark Eco-leather.”
At the same time, factoring in world-class standards, they develop basic measurements for and limit several chemicals used in leather production. Mainly, these are chromium, formaldehyde, azo dyes.

After worldwide input, improvement of proposals and criteria, and the final formation of the baseline and action, the final specifications for “genuine leather mark Eco-leather” were published in 2001. So here it starts the first reference to the Eco leather.

Eco Leather
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In a simple term, Eco leather is the type of leather obtained from cowhide or other hides, which is tanned and colored by natural, organic elements, vegetables, which are chemical-aroused.
This is really like genuine leather. Sometimes recycled leather goods, which are produced in an environmentally friendly way, are also referred to as environmentally friendly leather products.
One of the most widely used forms is PVC, also known as vegan leather. Most Eco leather is made of plant or vinyl-based plants. But some of Eco Leather comes from animals that have no toxic chemicals.

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Chemical products level in Eco leather production :

During the internal production process of Eco leather, more minor and limited chemical products are used for the tanning and disposal process. A standard level of chemicals is maintained in the tanning process. Always strictly followed the chemical standards during tanning.

Due to fewer chemicals, the leather is more natural and fantastic. after the tanning process, the leather turns in texture and color.

Chemical products level in Eco leather production

Features :

  • Eco-leather have some extra-ordinary features
  • sustainable and exceptional leather
  • manufactured in an environmentally friendly way
  • can be made from various types of alternative elements
  • 100% animal friendly
  • Look, feel and act like genuine leather
  • less environmental impact
  • delicate leather

Pros :

  • soft and unique
  • High durability
  • Cost friendly
  • Easily available
  • no toxic material
  • cleaning and washing process is easy

Cons :

100%, not genuine leather

texture, appearance, formation not as natural leather


Q. Is Eco-leather synthetic leather?

Ans. No, Eco-leather is not synthetic leather; it is 100% nature friendly.

Q. Is Eco-leather have an animal origin?

Ans. No, Eco-leather does not have any animal origin. There is no definite composition of Eco-leather.

Q. what is formed from Eco-leather?

Ans. Generally, Eco-leather is used to form different types of leather goods. They are shoes,bags,belts.wallets.briefcase,handbags,boots,luggage.leather wear able in rain, moreover any item can be made from Eco-leather.

Q. Is Eco-leather go longer than genuine leather?

Ans. Of course, if you take proper care with cleaning, conditioning, and maintain it regularly, you will keep your Eco-leather goods life long as genuine leather.



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