Can You Eat leather? Will You Try?

Is Leather is Actually Eatable :

Suppose I thought a question to all of my friends. Can you eat leather, maybe a stupid or dumb question in general? Accidentally, the leather may be eaten in a critical situation. in fact, leather has been eaten by hungry people in each era.

But I have heard many stories about eating leather, and I think I am blessed and fortunate that I did not live in certain times.

Some stories which I really read from books and others also heard from someone are given below :

Can You Eat leather
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  • During the age of sail, lots of stories of sailors were eating their leather shoes, belts, straps, etc.
  • The marines of chosen reservoir ate their leather boots as the last choice just because of nutrition value.
  • A proverb goes that for native Americans and Donner party. They boiled and ate tanned hides when times were difficult.
  • Due to supercooling weather and millions of Chinese forces, the Japanese in Guadalcanal were forced to chew a series of leather slings for their survival after cutting the supply routes.
  • We watched trope maker Charlie Chaplin who performed it first in his classic performance the gold rush in 1925.
  • A pilot discovered a Russian family in Siberia disconnected from all human contacts and ate leather shoes for their survival.
  • These all stories were the old back ages stories when the tanning process of leather was not curved chemical-based like recent times.

Some amazed people who have actually eaten leather in their real lives.

  1. Werner Herzog
  2. Guido lanteri-laura
  3. L.a.beast
  4. Sammy
  5. josh thatcher

These people did it. We already knew it.

Especially leather comes from the skin of animals. But nowadays, leather is treated with all harsh chemicals and conditioners. Besides these, we now discuss Eco-friendly tanned leathers.

Types of tanned leather you may probably eat.

Name———tanning ingredients——-leather item

Vegetable-tanned leather—–plant extracts such as olive leaves, Tara pods, seeds, stems—–belts, wallets.

Mineral tanned leather—-alum salt and egg yolk—- leather gloves very few

Leather tanned with oils—–cod liver oil, fish oil, animal fat ——— leather gloves.

Chrome tanned leather—chromium salts——- shoe uppers, wallets, gloves, luggage.

Combination tanned leather chromium salts and tree backs shoe uppers, gloves, light garments.

In these circumstances, several tanning processes turn hides or skins into leather. May can you eat leather in case of a great hunger crisis.

Besides this, it will be pretty rough learning as well as experience for you. But if you are hungry and have access to boiling water, you could boil the

leather for some hours to tenderize it and put some extra vegetables with it.

Vegetable tannins – Quebracho wood

Pros of Above Five Tanned Leather :

  1. Natural and unique forms of tanning
  2. Safe to eat

Cons of Above Five Tanned Leather :

  1. not nutritious like non-tanned leather
  2. different colors items that harmful for health.
  3. containing oils will cause gastric distress.

My guide :

For tanned leather, all good nourishing stuff will be removed in the tanning process. So the only way someone eats leather today and remains safe is to eat it that has not undergone all tanning forms. So the question is, how is it out of danger to eat? The answer is yes, though it is untanned.

Conclusion :

Hunger “implies that you go more than 3-7 days continuously with minimal food consumption or not. If you are willing to stay in a position like it without trying to go, or you can’t leave for several reasons, then at least from worries, You will be a nutritional value of your leather items.


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