Best Homemade Leather Conditioner Coconut Oil

You can use homemade coconut oil only as a leather conditioner; as a result, it works fantastic for your leather shoes or boots. But, sometimes, some coconut oil feels annoying when used only; coconut oil might leave a whitish patch on the leather.

How to make homemade leather conditioner coconut oil?

Hence, here is the extraordinary homemade leather conditioner coconut oil with essential elements that will condition your leather shoes or boots never before:

At first, Mix all the elements in a microwave bowl. Then Heat the bowl in the microwave for 5 to 7 minutes and take it out. While the solution is still hot, shake it to mix all the elements softly. Shift the solution when it’s still in a liquid condition to an airtight glass jar. Cool the glass jar and store it in the refrigerator, and your homemade coconut oil leather conditioner is OK to use.

How to apply homemade leather conditioner coconut oil on your leather shoes or boots?

At first, properly use your fingertips to apply the just made conditioner on the leather shoes or boots in a slight rotating motion. The friction made between the fingers and shoes or boots will generate heat and melt the conditioner coconut oil, and the application will be soft, exact, and even. After that, carry a horsehair brush and brush the shoes or boots to bring the highest shine on the leather shoes or boots.       

Use a clean, smooth, dry fabric to remove the excess oil from the shoes or boots.

Once more, use this brush to brush the leather shoes or boots and once more polish it and increase desired shine.

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Question. How to clean leather with coconut oil?

Answer : It is necessary to make sure that there is no dirt or filth on your leather products. At first, use a dry, clean, soft fabric to dust your leather products. If there are few daubs, you can use a little bit of moist fabric to wipe them. Wait until the product is dehydrated before advancing to the next stage.

After that, dip a smooth, dry and clean fabric into coconut oil. Be sure to anoint a small amount of coconut oil on the top of the fabric. Then, gently performs coconut oil into the leather using a rotating motion. Oil must be extent perfectly throughout the leather.

After finishing the task, wait ten to fifteen minutes for oil penetration. Then, take different soft, clean, dry fabrics and revise where you used coconut oil with the buffing movement. It will help to remove any extra oil and protect the coconut oil from shifting.

Question. Can you use homemade coconut oil as a leather conditioner?

Answer : Of course, you can use coconut oil as a leather conditioner after cleaning your leather product.

Question. What type of oils can you use instead of a leather conditioner?

Answer : You can apply different oils like coconut oil, or lemon oil, or baby oil. Not olive oil because it might worsen the leather condition.

Question. Is olive oil suitable for leather?

Answer : Some prefer olive oil, and some prefer coconut oil, but we believe in using coconut oil and lemon oil as a leather conditioner substitute.

Question. Are Vaseline, lip balm, and body lotion bad for leather?

Answer : No, Vaseline, lip balm, and body lotion soften the leather finely and protect it from cracking.

My Guide :

It’s simple enough to accept that all leather is very similar. There are various types of leather available in the world. Variations and locations depend on how the leather has behaved. Some may be super long-lasting, or some may be a little bit sensitive while coming to contact with different oils.

Because of this, it may be hard to confirm strictly how the leather products will react to coconut oil. To avoid damaging the product, at first, always do a spot test, and keep it is mandatory. After that, wait for some days to examine how the leather reacts to the oil. If you don’t see an alarming problem, you can continue with the oil conditioning method.

Conclusion :

Any oil can be used to leather and make few intended effects if you want to regain the shine and smoother your leather shoes or boots. In that case, the perfect choice for conditioning leather is to use homemade leather conditioner coconut oil.


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